How To Root Realme 3 Pro Without PC

Are you a Oppo Realme 3 Pro user? Do you want to know how to Root Realme 3 Pro without PC within few minutes? If so then you have come to the right place. I have explained the step by step guide for you below.

Rooting has become the most important thing for android users today. Rooting enables us to get beyond the default features of our phone. We can get most out of it by rooting. Rooting enables us to edit and adjust the system files as per our need.

You can root your device and install Xposed to play with different modules. Modules provide a lot of custom features on our rooted android phone. There are many other reasons to root android phone which I will explain later.

Rooting has a lot of advantages. You don’t need difficult procedure for rooting. This tutorial is all about how to root Realme 3 Pro without PC.

Realme 3 Pro comes with ColorOS on top of Android OS. Color OS delivers unique features to Oppo Devices. You can root it to get even more custom features and use root apps.

You don’t need a computer or laptop for rooting. You can do it using your phone in a simple way. It only takes a minute to root Realme 3 Pro. So let’s start the actual rooting procedure.

How to Root Realme 3 Pro ?

Rooting your android device is not so difficult. You have to install custom recovery to root android easily. Custom Recovery includes TWRP Recovery, CWM or Philz. I have provided TWRP installation guide too so no need to worry about that.

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It is not good to try one click root apps like KingRoot or KingoRoot app to root. These apps can fail and cause bootloop and install malware to your phone. They don’t support the latest android version.

But don’t worry, you can follow the process below to root Realme 3 Pro. The best way to root android device is to use Custom Recovery.

So, I suggest you to install TWRP Recovery first then proceed. Check my post on installing twrp recovery on Realme 3 Pro.

Now, you have two choices i.e. SuperSu and Magisk. It’s up to you which root environment you like most. Read the article here to know all the differences between SuperSu and Magisk.

For rooting Realme 3 Pro, you will need the following things:

  1. Your phone with TWRP Recovery Installed

2. Magisk Zip FileClick here to Download Magisk


SuperSu flashable Zip

3. Lazyflasher zip

First of all, make sure that you have installed TWRP Recovery, then only you will be able to root Realme 3 Pro .

Download either Magisk or SuperSu flashable zip. As I prefer Magisk, I will show images of magisk Installation. But the process is same for SuperSu installation. You can follow the same process to install SuperSu root on your phone.

So, let’s start the rooting process.

Steps to Root Realme 3 Pro Without PC:

  1. Put the Magisk or SuperSu zip along with Lazyflasher in your internal storage.

2. Turn off your phone and press and hold Power + Volume Up button for a few seconds to boot TWRP Recovery.

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How to root Realme 3 Pro Without PC

3. On TWRP home, tap on Install and move to the folder where the flashable zips are located.

Root Realme 3 Pro

4. Choose Magisk or SuperSu zip and swipe to flash it. Wait for the installation to complete.

5. Now flash Lazyflasher Zip

Root Realme 3 Pro without pc

6. Wipe Caches/Dalvik

7. Reboot

8. After reboot, you will see either Magisk Manager or SuperSu app installed on your phone according to the root solution which you flashed earlier through Recovery.

Install magisk on realme 3 pro

If you didn’t find it installed after reboot, you need to install it yourself. Get Magisk Manager Apk or SuperSu Apk file here. Download and install the apk then you will be able to manage the root access. Make sure to enable app from unknown sources before installing the apk file.

Congrats, you have successfully rooted Realme 3 Pro. You can check the root access using any root checker tool from Google Play Store. With root access, users can install different root apk, root application. You can install hacks, custom rom and many things with root access.

Final Words:

So, this was all about how to root Realme 3 Pro with Magisk or SuperSu. I hope you have installed root access to your phone without using pc.

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