How To Install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

Hello Redmi Note 4 users, Are you unhappy with the stock MIUI ROM? Bored with stock recovery? And don’t like to use MIUI more? And do you want to install custom ROMs or root your Xiaomi Redmi Note 4? You can add some custom juices or extending your phone’s features with root access.

The most important thing for that is to install a custom recovery. Among few recoveries, TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) is the most popular custom recovery. It is the best custom recovery for android phone. So I am going to show you how to install twrp on Redmi Note 4.

Installing TWRP Recovery is not a big task. But you need to unlock bootloader before installing TWRP. Phones with locked bootloader cannot install TWRP Recovery. But don’t panic, check my previous post.

I have posted the full guide on Unlocking Bootloader of Redmi Note 4. Check it out and have your bootloader unlocked then proceed. You cannot install the TWRP Recovery without unlocking oem/bootloader.

How To Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4
TWRP Custom Recovery

So, let’s talk about the process of installing TWRP on Redmi Note 4.

Before installing the TWRP Recovery, let me tell you something. Let’s discuss its merits and demerits on Redmi Note 4. Make sure that you agree with all the effects that might happen later. Anything may happen to the phone while or after installing TWRP. So, proceed with caution.

This site is not responsible for any damages that occur on your phone. Read the complete guide first and then only start doing it. There is little or no chance to brick if you follow the process carefully.

Merits: Reasons to Install TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

TWRP Recovery provides several functions to your phone. Those features are the advantages of TWRP Recovery. Some advantages of unlocking oem are:

  1. You can install custom ROMs and get rid of MIUI. You can find a lot of custom ROMs on XDA forum.

2. You can root android phone within a minute with SuperSu or Magisk.

3. You can install custom kernels to extend your phone’s performance and battery.

4. You can overclock or underclock your CPU by switching to different kernels.

5. You can take nandroid backup to restore the OS if the phone doesn’t boot while flashing roms or zip files.

6. You can get a lot of mods that are flashable through TWRP Recovery. They can enrich the features of your phone and much more.

Demerits: Reasons Not to Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4

Along with several merits, installing TWRP Recovery has some risks. You have to install and use it with caution. It may affect your phone if you flash different mods from untrusted sources. Some demerits of TWRP Recovery are:

  • You will no longer receive official OTA updates.
  • Your warranty is void after installing TWRP.
  • Flashing zip files from untrusted sources can cause bootloop to your phone. But you can fix bootloops with simple steps. I have written on how to fix bootloop on android without pc. You can check the article whenever you face bootloop issues.

So, Let’s proceed toward the installation of TWRP on Redmi Note 4.

Steps To Install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

You will need the following things to flash TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4:

  1. Redmi Note 4 with Unlocked Bootloader
  2. A PC or Laptop
  3. Adb and Fastboot Drivers
  4. Original USB Data Cable
  5. Lazyflasher Zip
  6. TWRP img file for Redmi Note 4 SnapDragon
Installation Procedure:
  1. Install the adb and fastboot drivers on your pc from the download links above. You may need to disable driver signature enforcement for that.
  2. Download the twrp image file for your phone and rename it as recovery.img.
  3. Switch off your phone then press and hold Power + Volume Down button until a robot comes saying fastboot mode as below.
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Install TWRP Recovery on Redmi Note 4

4. Connect your phone to PC using the original data cable. Make sure the device is recognized on PC.

5. Move to the folder where recovery.img file is located and then on the blank space, press Shift + Right click on the mouse and choose ‘Open Command Window Here‘. You can also open cmd and move to the folder where recovery file is located.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 TWRP Recovery

6. On the command window, type following command and press enter

fastboot devices

Install twrp redmi Note 4

It should output with the device serial ID. If not then you should reinstall the drivers properly.

7. Now type the following command and press enter.

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

TWRP redmi note 4

8. Wait for the installation to complete then enter the following command.

fastboot reboot

9. You can boot into TWRP now. Swipe to allow modifications. A final step is still not completed.

10. Move the lazyflasher zip to your phone’s internal storage and flash it.

Fix Bootloop of Redmi Note 4

11. Done. Congratulations.

12. You can download official TWRP app from play store to update the recovery regularly.


So, this was all about how to install TWRP on Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Now you can root, install custom ROMs or kernels and flash several other zips through TWRP Recovery.