How To Fix Bootloop On Android Without PC

If you are enthusiastic on rooting an android phone, installing different zips through twrp recovery and installing custom ROMs and kernels then you must have come across bootloops. And today in this post, I am going to show you how to fix bootloop on android without pc in just a few steps.

What is Bootloop?

If you are wondering about what does bootloop actually mean, then I will make it easy for you. Bootloop is made up of two words ‘Boot’ + ‘ Loop’ where Boot means the process of turning on of our system and Loop stands for repetition. So BootLoop overally means the infinite repetition of the system turning on. For Android, Bootloop means that your phone will show a splash screen, your phone vendors logo or the boot animation but It never completes the boot process i.e. you never get to the home screen since the boot process always gets repeated for infinite times.

How To Fix Bootloop On Android Without PC
How To Fix Bootloop On Android Without PC
Why and How my phone gets bootloop?

Well, this is the most asked question by most of the android users right there. The users who mess up with the system files, install custom roms or kernels or zips frequently are likely to come across bootloop. Our android system can’t boot if any of its system file gets deleted or corrupted or unaccessible.

While you are installing the mods or roms from the custom recovery, it may corrupt your system files and your phone can’t boot. Also, our android phone doesn’t boot if the installed mod or zip doesn’t support our hardware. So you should never install mods that are not meant for your phone. You must always scan the custom files because they may contain malware and can even hard brick your android device. So always flash zips via twrp recovery with caution.

Similarly, bootloop is also caused by root access. There may be many apps that you may have installed and granted root access. Such apps might contain some suspicious files and they may corrupt or replace your system files and malfunctions your android system which will ultimately cause bootloop.

I suppose that you might have come across bootloop on your phone and want a quick solution for that. So let me tell you how to fix bootloop on android in an easy way within a minute.

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Fix Bootloop in an Easy Way:

Well, Fixing Bootloop isn’t so difficult as you thought to be. Just a simple step can fix the bootloop. The most effective and 100% working way to fix the bootloop is to flash the stock ROM . Stock ROM is the official ROM developed by your phone manufacturer and you may find it in the manufacturer’s official website if it allows to download. Well some manufacturers don’t release the stock ROM for user.

For installing the stock ROM, you need a PC. You need a flash tool and different USB drivers. So let’s not bother discussing on flashing through PC. Fixing Bootloop without PC is just simple and an easy process so let’s discuss on it.

How To Fix Bootloop On Android Without PC :

Fixing bootloop using the phone itself is an easy task. But you need a custom recovery such as TWRP Recovery for that. Without TWRP , you need to rely on installation of stock ROM using PC or you can try wiping the device via stock recovery. Follow the below methods to fix bootloop on your android device without pc

1. Flashing DM disablers
You may have heard about the DM verification. If you modify any of the phone’s default settings then your android OS will detect and it can’t pas the DM verification and stuck on the boot logo. For this, you have to bypass the DM verification then only your phone can boot.Now you may be wondering how to disable the DM verification. You can do this in a few ways

First way is to disable it directly through the TWRP Recovery. Many TWRP Recovery comes with DM Disabler Option . You can check it in the Advanced Section of your TWRP homepage and you will see Disable DM Verification option. Just tap on it and swipe, you are ready to go.

Next way is to flash the zip file that is specifically made for disabling the DM verification and fixing the bootloop issues. Download the Lazyflasher zip from here and place it on your phone’s internal storage, external or on USB OTG whichever you prefer. Then from TWRP Home, Tap on install, Move to the location where Lazyflasher is located then flash it and then reboot. It should fix bootloop.

android bootloop fix without pc
Lazyflasher to Fix Bootloop on Android

Similarly, Flashing the latest magisk also helps in fixing the bootloop. Magisk also disables the DM verification which can fix the bootloop. But remember, Magisk can also bootloop your device if your system is incompatible with it. So you would better go with the second option i.e. flashing the no-verify Lazyflasher.

2. Wipe Caches/Dalvik

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Sometimes, your phone cannot boot up due to existing caches and dalvik. It may be cached from your previous ROM which caused conflict with the initial ROM and resulted in booloop. So Just wipe caches and dalvik once and give a try. For wiping, From TWRP homepage, Go to Wipe option then Select wipe cache/dalvik. Remember only select cache and dalvik, don’t select other options as it may wipe your whole system and you will lose all data.

Wipe Dalvik Cache to Fix Bootloop on Android
Wipe Dalvik Cache to Fix Bootloop on Android

3. Format Data

Sometimes, your data may be formatted in a wrong way and it cannot boot. The default format of Internal Storage is EXT4. In some cases, your storage may be in a different format causing bootloop. So you can format data from the recovery.

Take a backup first as formatting data will erase your all data and reset it. You will lose everything so take a backup first then From the Wipe Section in TWRP Recovery. Tap on Format Data option then type yes and proceed. Your all data will be reset in default settings and bootloop will be fixed.

How To Fix Bootloop on Android Without PC
Format Data To Fix Bootloop on Android Without PC

4. Change ROM

This is the last option for you. If all the procedures above fails and you still have the bootloop then there may be problem on your ROM itself. So the solution is to Change the ROM. Check out the XDA forum for your Device’s ROM development. Choose any latest ROM that you prefer and perform a clean flash. Don’t dirty flash as it may also cause bootloop. So first, wipe your data, vendor, cache, boot from Wipe section of TWRP Recovery , No need to wipe internal storage. Then perform a clean flash . After flash, you can flash lazy flasher and wipe dalvik and then reboot. This time you should be able to boot.

Final Words:

So, This was all about how to bootloop on android without PC . I hope that you liked the post and your bootloop is fixed successfully. Please don’t forget to share my posts on social media so that it might reach to many people out there. Thanks for reading !!!

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