How To Root Any Android Device Without PC

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how you can install root on any Android device and take various benefits. Rooting provides user full access to the phone and root files. Users can replace or tweak the root files for various new features and customizations. Improper handling of root files may also result in permanent brick of the phone so a root user must be careful while playing with the system files. You may have lost your so much of valuable time by using so called one click rooting apps like KingRoot, KingoRoot, iroot etc and ended up being unsuccessful or bricking the phone. So here, I came with the most easiest and safest method to root your phone. You will need: 1. Your phone of course 2. TWRP Recovery 3. Magisk zip First of all, you will need a custom Recovery i.e. TWRP recovery to install root safely. For this refer to my previous where I have explained clearly about installing TWRP Recovery on any device. Get the lastest Magisk zip file from but you can use superSu as well but I recommend Magisk because it is systemless and you can enjoy various magisk modules for further customizations. Boot your device into recovery mode by turning it off and pressing and holding power + Volume Up (+ Home if Samsung) . After TWRP have booted, Tap on Install and locate the ZIP file and swipe to flash. Wait for the installation to complete and then reboot. After you have booted your phone. You will notice an apo named Magisk Manager installed which means your device has successfully rooted and now you can enjoy various Customizations by the use if different superuser apps. But remember, Grant superuser access to only trusted apps as untrusted apps can even brick your device by corrupting the whole system files. Goodbye , Keep Visiting

How to install TWRP Custom Recovery on any phone

In this article, I am gonna show you how you can easily install the most famous Custom Recovery i.e. TWRP Recovery on your android phone in just few easy steps.

What is TWRP Recovery and Why should I flash it ?

The full form of TWRP is Team-Win Recovery Project. It is a custom recovery that can be flashed over the Stock recovery to enhance and customize our device. TWRP Recovery is very useful when you are bored by the default features and want to modify, customize or install third party softwares called Custom ROM. TWRP Recovery can be useful for various purposes. The most important one is to root our device. Many of us wonder about how to root android device and stuck or brick our phone by using so called one click rooting apps like KingRoot and KingoRoot. But thats not the actual root you want. That doesn’t provide necessary binaries required by different superuser apps. Rooting an android device via TWRP Recovery is a task of few seconds. Check out my other post for the methods of rooting as I don’t want to make this post much longer. TWRP Recovery enables us to install different custom mod, tweaks and even ROMs. Different flashable ZIP files are found on the internet which can be flashed over our system to get custom features. Remember, only download flashable files from trusted sources as they may be infected if downloaded from untrusted source which may hard brick your device. Okay I will be talking about this in the next post. Now let’s proceed towards the installation process.

What do I need for installation?

1. Your phone 2. A PC with adb drivers installed 3. USB Data Cable 4. Twrp Img file 5. Little Brain but Not Compulsory 😜

How should I Begin?

Don’t worry, I am with you. I will provide step by step guide on how you can proceed through the installation process. First of all, maintain at least 25% charge on your phone so that phone doesn’t go off while flashing TWRP which may result in unexpected things. Get the adb drivers and install in on your pc. Just search for adb drivers on google according to the OS of your PC and install it. Make sure you have an unlocked Bootloader. A locked Bootloader doesn’t allow you to install custom flashes so Unlock your Bootloader first. Refer to my another post for unlocking bootloader of any android device. Boot your phone to Fastboot or Download mode by switching it off and Pressing Power + Volume down (+ home if Samsung) for few seconds and fastboot mode will open. If you are a samsung user then remove google account first to make sure your phone doesn’t block custom binaries by FRP Lock. Get the TWRP img file from for your device. Don’t download TWRP image of the device other than yours as your phone may damage permanently by unknown binaries. Place that image file on a folder and rename it to twrp.img Turn on your pc and connect your phone in fastboot mode to PC via USB Data Cable. Open Command Prompt and Go to the directory where twrp.img is located. On Command , type fastboot devices and enter, It should show the hardware serial of your phone. If any error occurs then re install the adb drivers properly. Then type fastboot flash recovery twrp.img and enter Wait few seconds for Installation and Voila TWRP got installed successfully. Now boot into TWRP By typing fastboot reboot and enter and your phone should boot twrp. Swipe to allow modifications and now just flash your favourite tweaks and ROMs. Thanks for reading. Keep Visiting the site